“I like black, it’s because I love life more than anyone else”

I was obsessed with all the dark elements, but this doesn’t mean to I chose it …But just use it to think of what is the real meaning of life. It reminds me treasure and enjoy current life at some point.


“Don’t care about other people’s eyes, I know who I am”

Not depressed, never slavish, have courage to express ourselves and to be wholly whatever we are. Listen roar to life status from inside mind, even though it sounds with some aggression.


“The fairy tale was an own story made up by adults.”

If learning to face the reality is the cruelty we have to face when we grow up to adults, we just want to treasure the fairy tale color that was broken by the reality in a cruel world. The reason why we created a separate new brand “PYON PYON” for LOLITA style from PUNK RAVE Ashes series is that no matter if the starting point is good or destroyed, lively or quiet, she never changed the original intention which is hoping for a better thing. From a design point of view, fixed form but used the emotion of color as well as lace to emphasize the girl yearning for beauty, to convey to the world the morbid kind of paranoid. “PYON PYON” – the name is taken from the Japanese pronunciation to be used to describe the sounds of the lovely rabbit jumping.

About Daily Series

Mainly for 16-35 oriented young people. He/she always knew that they wanted to be out of the ordinary, intelligent and independent character made them different but not to be isolated from people. It is an ultimate embodiment of perfect integration into life and to be themselves at the same time…

To be your true self in life at the right time and place. The inspiration of fashion (daily) series comes from life, your state is effected at all times, it is a mental activity. Either accept or counter. To interpret of all emotions right now by using the simplest acceptable way.

Fashion (daily) series divided both feeling of retro style and punk, also known as “vintage” and “Rock”. Retro style features, combined with the Punk style features, combined with punk idea, unwilling to be mediocre, eager to vindicate mind, through exaggerated profile design, changing details, unique character of amplified fashion. Who wears it can give people a cool fashion attitude and indicate the current position or a certain state.